We buy, restore, renovate and manage real estate in and around Detroit.

The group focuses on Single Family Homes, Multi-units and Mixed-use buildings in targeted areas of the city.


Our Mission

Our mission is to identify specific parts of the city, to select properties that can - and must - be renovated or restored and to then find reliable occupants for them. Through this process, we will generate attractive returns for our investors, meaningful careers for our team members, infusion of much needed capital in communities and an enhancement to the city’s tax base.


Banyan is guided by a simple philosophy that good ethics is good business.

Banyan intends to be proud of the way it operates. It’s success is founded on the belief that we will “do well by doing good”.

We Buy

We seek to identify and acquire properties that we believe will enable us to deliver on our mission. Since our inception, Banyan has grown to a rich portfolio of properties in various parts of Greater Detroit, several of which are in historic districts of the city such as the Boston-Edison area, Historic Indian Village and West Village. These properties speak of a bygone era and reflect Detroit's former grandeur. All of these properties have been, or will be, carefully restored. 

We renovate & restore

A scope of work is produced for all properties owned or managed by Banyan. This scope of work is designed to bring the property to a fully habitable state and in full compliance with City guidelines. Work is carried out either by Banyan's in-house team, or carefully selected and supervised contractors.

We Manage

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our property management team is well equipped to ensure each one of our tenants finds the perfect new home. The team also protects the interests of the investors by following a rigorous tenant selection methodology, closely scrutinizing required repairs and maintenance, timely collection of rent and submission of regular reports to the owners. This work is provided through Banyan Property Management Services, LLC, a group company.

For a list of the properties we currently have available to rent, please see our Properties for Rent page.

We Sell

Not all of our properties are for the rental market. Banyan Realty is a registered brokerage and is licensed to execute real estate transactions in the State of Michigan.  

For a list of the properties we currently have available for sale, please see our Properties for Sale page.